Influences: Sven K

Based in Edmonton, Sven K is the co-founder of Kudatah alongside Text Chunk. A prolific producer, Sven K has released four albums since 2016, debuting with ‘Paranoia Aspect’ and going onto release equally respected projects ‘City 41’, ‘Sven (1000)’ and most recently ‘Classics’. He’s also released a collaborative track with Text Chunk and Skee Mask

Influences: Bklava

We first featured Bklava on the site over a year ago when we ran a series of mixes from the Patterns residents. We were instantly drawn to her pop-influenced UKG soundscape and the hybrid DJ sets where she’s singing over the records. And a lot has happened in that time. She’s gone from a local

Influences: Laughing Ears

Shanghai-based musician Laughing Ears has an incredible approach to contemporary club music, creating immersive worlds for her listeners to get lost in. With previous releases on Ran Music, Function Lab and Chinabot, Laughing Ears lands on Infinite Machine with her second album ‘Blood’ earlier this year – also her lengthiest work to date.   What

Influences: FYI Chris

We first featured London-based producers FYI Chris on the site in 2018, following the release of their ‘Songs About People’s Feelings’ EP on Toy Tonics. Since then, the duo have been extremely busy, contributing records to labels such as Banoffee Pies Records, Rhythm Section International, Super Drama, CARE4LIFE and most recently the famed Black Acre

Influences: DÆMON & Endgame

Mexico City/Montreal’s Infinite Machine has signed DÆMON and Endgame for a brilliant collaborative EP, DXE. Out tomorrow, it’s the tale of two visionaries coming together, creating a powerful force which explores influences and sonic palettes from their opposing environments. London-based producer Endgame made his name through with the Bala Club collective, now affiliated with Hyperdub

Influences: Y U QT

UKG newcomers Y U QT were first picked up by scene legend Riz La Teef as the artists to launch his new label South London Press with a limited 300 vinyl press, in true fashion. Selling out in a matter of days, the Leicester duo’s ‘U BELONG 2 ME’ was followed up with a digital

Influences: Rose Bonica

South African artist Rose Bonica has become known her enchanting, otherworldly productions that push the boundaries of what dance music could be. Taking you outside the world which you call your own, Rose founded the record label Roses Are Red for her and her friend’s experimental music. Supported by the likes of Violet and Machine

Influences: BLACK FORCES

BLACK FORCES is the new alias from Atlanta-based DJ and producer EVK95, created as an outlet for greater self-expression through Black dance music after several years solely behind the boards. Launching with a self-titled EP on 2MR, the EP showcases the depth of the project as BLACK FORCES takes the mic for the first time

Influences: Ouai Stéphane

Ouai Stéphane’s has a silly sensibility to his production process, building his projects on the unconventional sounds of DIY instruments and controllers that include everyday objects such as a clock, drying rack and scales. He delivers the simple message: anyone can make music from anything. His training comes from his masters in ‘Music and Media

Influences: Azu Tiwaline

We first featured Azu Tiwaline on the site a couple of weeks ago, premiering ‘Air Element’ from the brilliant two-part album release ‘Draw Me In Silence’. We put under a spell of the Tunisian artist’s hypnotic dub and percussive-influenced productions, as she takes inspiration from the mystical land of Tunisia’s Sahara desert. The album was