Untitled 909 Podcast 179: Narathip

*MC* It’s Narathip! The Amsterdam-based DJ comes through with a heavy low-end mix that captures the essence of experiencing a soundsystem for the first time again. A cultural curator who does it all, Narathip runs the booking agency and music platform Rhythmic Culture, hosts a regular radio show on Echobox as well as works in-house

Untitled 909 Podcast 176: Daughters of Frank

A sultry party set ready to soundtrack your after hour adventures, the pre-party glam moments, and those cozy dinner parties from sister DJ duo Daughters of Frank – edition 176 is filled with heartbreaking ballads, soulful R&B, jungle and UKG tinged edits. Based in London, Daughters of Frank is sister duo Ruby and Lily London

The Lowdown: NVST

In my recent conversations with friends I’ve come to realise that a lot of my favourite labels and artists at the moment are based in France, Austria and Switzerland. There has to be something in the water as some of the craziest but also beautiful and serene music is coming from those countries with NVST

The Lowdown: Field Maneuvers

In the last few years I’ve seen an increasing appetite for smaller DIY festivals which are usually less than 1000 capacity and have a community-driven approach to programming. Whether that’s because I’m getting older and my social anxiety steers me away from these huge, often commercial, festivals or that the world that I orbit in

Untitled 909 Podcast 163: Kampire

I’m writing this up as another edition of Dekmantel Festival comes to a close and it could not be more fitting. I first saw Kampire play at Dekmantel last year after serendipitously coming across her set at the Greenhouse stage. It ended up being one of our favourite sets of the weekend – the energy