Live Review: New Forms Festival

Nihilism permeated the fresh mountain air at Vancouver’s New Forms Festival, which capped its 20th year at the end of September. Those who came to Beautiful British Columbia, as the province’s license plates self-proclaim, expecting the breezy grooves of lo-fi house that briefly christened this coast the Canadian Riviera in the mid-2010s would leave disappointed.

Live review: Horst Festival

‘Fallen empires and refound desires’ was the theme of this year’s edition of Horst Arts & Music Festival, its first at the ex-military ASIAT site in Vilvoorde. Embracing the attitude from previous years, the abandoned nature of the site served as a symbol of the archaic power structures that the Horst team want to independently

Live Review: Junction 2

Year after year, we as rave mongering Londoners flood to the local greenery to gun lagers, sloink doinks and wrap our pretty little heads around what is arguably some of the more carefully curated, pulse-raising festival programming in Europe. Junction 2 might not be considered a big daddy in 2019 yet, but it’s doing something

Review: Houghton Festival 2018

The second edition of Craig Richards’ Houghton Festival may have fallen on one of the wettest weekend’s in the last three months but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit.  Held at Houghton Hall, Richards transformed the ground into one of the most beautiful and atmospheric festival sites in the UK, working closely with architects to build