J Majik: Always Be

One of the original Metalheadz crew, J Majik is a key player in the UK’s Drum & Bass/Jungle scene. Releasing his first record in 1992 on Lemon D’s Planet Earth imprint, Majik’s extensive back catalogue sees him land on labels such as Reinforced, Tru Playaz and Suburban Base Records. It’s been 25 years since his

Live Review: Junction 2

Year after year, we as rave mongering Londoners flood to the local greenery to gun lagers, sloink doinks and wrap our pretty little heads around what is arguably some of the more carefully curated, pulse-raising festival programming in Europe. Junction 2 might not be considered a big daddy in 2019 yet, but it’s doing something

DJ Winggold, Unbound Events

At 909 we like to present talent that exude personality and musical prowess. Our audiophile curiosities often leave us nosing around sub genres and back-catalogues, anticipating the fresh sound you’ve been unknowingly longing for. When it came to our attention that a friend was to begin throwing parties in London we were absolutely drooling for

The Lowdown: Amandra

We caught up with the imitable Amandra so he could run us through some of his upcoming plans, his deeply intricate production style & what he’d reach for when the clock strikes midnight on NYE. Hey, so if you don’t mind telling us a little about yourself – when did you realise that music was

The Lowdown: Kareful

The interconnectivity between the internet and our society has never been as alarmingly apparent as it has in our day and age. Plenty of millennials can share familiar tales of losing valuable hours by aimlessly scrolling through meme pages, dry Vice (RIP) articles or even ’52 photos of the most fucked up shit ever! You