She’s Drunk – Subclubsciously

8/10 Berlin-based French artist, She’s Drunk aims to mark musical minds with ‘schizophrenic club music’ that draws its power from his abrupt, unapologetic and explosive approach to the dance floor. With this concept in mind, She’s Drunk’s latest EP ‘Subclubsciously’ highlights his crazed sound as he rolls through the light and dark elements within dance

Nascain – ‘Double Album’

9/10 Don’t let the uninspired title fool you, Nascain’s ‘Double Album’ is a serious piece of work. A 20-track digital only release that has spent 3 years in the making – rife with ups and downs with tempos spanning from 80 to 180bpm. I found this album browsing Reddit for more obscure Aphex Twin releases

Bjarki – ‘This 5321’ EP

Making his mark on the scene with his debut release ‘I Wanna Go Bang’, Bjarki has become one of the most dynamic artists who has remoulded the scents of breakbeat, rave, jungle, trance and IDM into sounds that are entirely their own. The Icelandic artist is an unstoppable force, releasing 41 tricks in one hit on трип

Max Cooper – ‘Chromos’ EP

7/10 The release of Max Cooper’s ‘Chromos’ EP follows on from his extensive ‘Emergence project’ – an ambitious amalgamation between audio-visual show, scientific research project, art installation and IDM record. ‘Chromos’ – also released on Cooper’s imprint Mesh Records – follows on with the scientific research aspect to Emergence, as the new EP was inspired