Bjarki – ‘This 5321’ EP

Making his mark on the scene with his debut release ‘I Wanna Go Bang’, Bjarki has become one of the most dynamic artists who has remoulded the scents of breakbeat, rave, jungle, trance and IDM into sounds that are entirely their own. The Icelandic artist is an unstoppable force, releasing 41 tricks in one hit on трип last year and has returned to the label with a four-track EP entitled ‘This 5321’.

Becoming a muse for head honcho Nina Kraviz, the latest EP is filled with uncompromising sounds that draw from the early rave scene. Opening with ‘Thorn med skit a master’ – a hypnotic thumping melody – the notorious producer instantly takes you to a dark place with raw industrial sounds. Moving into the heavier title track ‘This 5321’, Bjarki takes the euphoric aspect of trance, turning it into a moodier counterpart.

Whilst the EP is intense, ‘Galopinn munninn’ takes the tempo down and focuses on complex textual layers of glitching synths and filtered piano melody. Rounding off the EP ‘Fimmtudagur 16’, is made up of staccato sounds and echoing filters – creating one of the lighter moods on the record. It is another compelling release from the outstanding artist as he continues to cement his status as one of the most forward-thinking producers.

The tracks were picked from Bjarki’s archive by Nina. Speaking about the release Bjarki says, ‘when Nina complies an EP for you, there’s always a purpose for it in her head, you know she’s up to something and it’s really inspiring to follow as she goes’.

‘This 5321’ by Bjarki is available to buy from the 22nd July via трип


01. Thodn med skit a master

02. This 5321

03. Galopinn munninn

04. Fimmtudagur 16