She’s Drunk – Subclubsciously


Berlin-based French artist, She’s Drunk aims to mark musical minds with ‘schizophrenic club music’ that draws its power from his abrupt, unapologetic and explosive approach to the dance floor. With this concept in mind, She’s Drunk’s latest EP ‘Subclubsciously’ highlights his crazed sound as he rolls through the light and dark elements within dance music whilst taking a linear approach to gimmicks and mind-melting rhythms.

Beginning with ‘Visions’, you are introduced to She’s Drunk’s contemporary take on dancehall and jungle ideals with jittering beats and echoing vocal samples. Aptly titled, the opening track gives you an insight into what to expect from the rest of the EP as it flows into the more energetic ‘Amadoda’. Featuring vocals from South African artist Sho Madjozi in her native┬áTsonga, the track is driven by jungle elements, leaving you longing for warmer days and the sound system culture that comes with it.

As we wind into ‘Dancing Doubs’, the mood turns as She’s Drunk’s psychedelic club-orientated sound comes into play. The light and summery feel from the previous tracks have gone and we’re left with deep looming synths and a thundering bassline. Rounding off with ‘Heart Burns’, heaving drums and sub backbone leads the way whilst tender vocal outbursts roll throughout the track.