Untitled 909 Podcast 118: Pluralist

Bristol’s Pluralist has been on a steady rise over the last few years, consistently releasing mighty EPs which showcase his take on percussive driven techno and leftfield bass music. He has made appearances on forward thinking club labels such as Control Freak Recordings, Accidental Meetings, Pressure Dome, Left, Right & Centre and a forthcoming EP

Influences: ELLES

London-based artist ELLES has been devoting herself to music since an early age, immersing herself in everything from alt 90s indie and shoe gaze through to R&B and pop. A creative spirit through and through from writing songs to drawing and customising clothes, ELLES was drawn to London’s legendary queer parties, warehouse raves, and live

Influences: GLOR1A’s METAL REBOOT​$​D

GLOR1A is a multidisciplinary artist within music, technology and visual art, and the co-founder of Nine Nights TV. She challenges the underrepresentation of Black females in sci-fi and myth, performing at venues and festivals such as Glastonbury, Mutek Montreal and Somerset House. GLOR1A also premiered a piece as part of British Council Amplify Artist Residency,

Untitled 909 Podcast 117: Toumba

Introducing Toumba – an Amman-based DJ/Producer/Designer who is pushing the boundaries of, and deconstructing Middle Eastern music, specifically, Levantine and Jordanian music. Toumba incorporates traditional sounds with razor-sharp sound design and clever arrangement to produce unique tracks. Garnering attention with his 115 EP on All Centre and his own self released edits and EPs, he

The Lowdown: Ultima Esuna

An artist very much on the rise, Mexican producer Ultima Esuna is quickly becoming known for her dreamy, atmospheric productions, often seeped in emotion which span across dembow, reggaeton and techno. Currently based in Vancouver, Ultima Esuna has three records on her Bandcamp page, with the first being released in December 2020. Her style is

Untitled 909 Podcast 116: DJ Double Oh!

South London’s DJ Double Oh! made his production debut earlier this year, landing on All Centre with the sunny ‘Cuerpo y Sol’ – a sweltering release with rapid-fire rhythms at the forefront. The EP follows on from an appearance on the label’s 3rd anniversary compilation last year where Double Oh! remixed Yushh’s ‘I’m With Empty’.

Untitled 909 Podcast 115: Jdotbalance

Chicago-via-Texas-based DJ and producer Jdotbalance gets breaksy on podcast 115.  Founder of the GUD4U online platform and party series which describes itself as a “a pharmacy-inspired, genre-bending, community-centered platform promoting all music gud 4 ur mental wealth,” Jdotbalance’s work is very much driven by emotion and feeling, whether that’s taking you to a dark, introspective

Book Club: Mauricio Atencia, Journalist

Welcome to our Book Club series. Reading has always been a part of my life, for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always had a curiosity into what other people were reading, often questioning my family members about the books they had on their shelves or at the pool. Over the last few years, I’ve reconnected

Untitled 909 Podcast 114: Dr Dubplate

Yanis Koudjo, aka Dr Dubplate, has an affinity for BIG TUNES. A enviable record collection and a musical education gained working in London institution Plastic People (RIP), which his Dad ran for a period of time, UK club culture is a family affair for him. Gaining recognition during 2020’s lockdown for his output of garage