Untitled 909 Podcast 138: Kincaid

A stunning somber session to ease you into the colder months from London-based DJ and producer Kincaid. Flowing through dreamlike aquatic soundscapes, the mix builds into wonky rollers and haunting minimalism, featuring tracks from Biome, Tessla, Neuroshima, Konrad Wehrmeister and more. With releases on esteemed labels such as Banoffee Pies Records, Well Street Records and

Untitled 909 Podcast 137: Blixa

Argentinian DJ Blixa comes through with a power hour session filled with Latin American flavour for podcast 137, capturing his post-rave high. Speaking about the mix Blixa says, “filled with 100% LATAM ingredients this mix was recorded in the early hours of a Saturday morning for those who like mushrooms in their salad.” Based in

Untitled 909 Podcast 133: Softi

South London’s hidden gem Softi (fka Jazz) takes us down the rabbit hole into a dream-like underworld that weaves between different textural environments. From meditative dub to twisting experimental club music, the mix seamlessly flows through tracks from the likes of Soreab, Kincaid, Cousin, Laughing Ears, and CCL.  Hosting the Cozi radio shows on Balamii

Untitled 909 Podcast 132: Syz

Innovative club producer Syz is next up on Untitled 909 with an electrifying mix that channels the dizzying energy you can find within his releases for labels such as Control Freak Recordings, Femme Culture, and Pressure Dome. Very, very soon you will find him on the much-loved Bristol/Berlin label Banoffee Pies Records. A much-loved DJ