Untitled 909 Podcast 171: Katerina

Welcoming Katerina to the 909 series who provides a gorgeous, blissed-out rolling mix flowing through tracks from Young Marco, BUD, Simone De Kunovich, Helium, Agent Orange and more.

Katerina is a Finnish Bulgarian artist who is the founder of labels Émotsiya and Kotarak, releasing music from the likes of Sansibar and Exploited Body. Earlier this summer, Katerina released her debut EP for the esteemed Running Back which the label files under “singer-songwriter house, outsider or campfire dance”.  Showing the evolution of who Katerina is an artist, the EP followed on from records on Cómeme, Hivern Discs, Tigersushi and Rhythm Section.

A staple within the Helsinki club scene, Katerina has helped build the profile of local institutions such as Kaiku and Flow Festival through her global recognition which has led to gigs in Paris, Berlin, Ibiza and more.

‘Get To Know You’ by Katerina is out now via Running Back, buy here.



Young Marco – I’m Still Mellow

Zeta – Honey

Kinky Roland – Batika

Nathan Melja – Synesthesia (Pariah Remix)

Subterranean Mascots, Mark Walker – Higher (Acid High Mix)

Tim Duysen – Interludium

S.O.L. – Polarlicht (Mix 1)

BUD – Beat u down

Helium – Out There

Simone De Kunovich – Primal Dream

S.O.N.S – Acid Dreams (Trance Jungle Mix)

Agent Orange – Warm Love