Untitled 909 Podcast 168: Destrata

Canadian producer Destrata enters the series with a bubbling bass bath that leans into both the old and new school featuring tracks from Jurango, Piezo, Doctor Jeep, Mia Koden, INVT and a couple of unreleased gems for good measure.

Most recently releasing on Darwin’s SPE:C and Of Paradise imprint, Destrata also co-runs the Audio Social mix series and is one half of the production duo Energy Boyz.

‘Let The Dust Settle’ by Destrata is out now via SPE:C – buy here.


Jorja Smith – Little Thing’s (BokBok Dub)

Jurango – Jungalizer feat. Jamaica Mnanda

Coen – Pressure Roll

Coido – Minimal Afrobeat

Breaka – Lime Bike Elf Bar

Destrata – Mutationist (Forthcoming Scuffed Records)

Le Motel – Raving Crew

Doctor Jeep – Reso Danz (Hodge Remix)

Cress – Bootin

Stones Taro – Ton Tan

Young Muscle – Bad Spirits

Papa Nugs – Tea Time

PJ Bridger – Haul and Pull Up

INVT – We Inside (Culebra VIP) feat. Logan

Piezo – Sensory OVerdraw

Destrata – Let The Dust Settle

Ismail Nosrat – (Basha Remix) feat. Zaid Zaza, Aly B & Hassan Abou Alam

Destrata – Clubmoss (Forthcoming Scuffed Records)

Mia Koden – Hot Take

OSSX – C240

INVT – Subelo Y Bajalo

Kincaid – Sugar