Untitled 909 Podcast 145: FYI Robyn

London-based DJ and intuitive movement guide FYI Robyn showcases her healing approach to music through a mix that is introspective, giving yourself a moment to lose yourself within the deep rumbling bass, ecstatic beats, chants and natural textures. Over the last few years, Robyn has been exploring the connection with music and wellness more, with movement

Untitled 909 Podcast 144: Galtier

Nostro Hood System label founder Galtier enters the chat with a mix which he would describe as “wobbly, wonky, woozy, wubby, whizzy, whippy, whompy, wibey”. Taking a lot of W’s with this one. Galtier says, “this hour and a half mix is a coagulation of the mid-range BPM stuff I have found recently. I often

Untitled 909 Podcast 142: Awo Ojiji

Following on from his beautiful ‘Solidify’ EP on Control Freak Recordings, Awo Ojiji brings his signature genre-fluid style to the 909 podcast series. Deeply atmospheric and focused around their love for leftfield techno and bass music, the mix includes a lot of favourites from the likes of Batu, Luka, Excel, Blawan, Nikki Nair and Delay

Untitled 909 Podcast 141: DJ Pitch

Following the release of his ‘Sacred’ EP on All Centre last month, DJ Pitch provides a mix of influences to give us a glimpse into his next record which is due out at the end of year via TT. Including a few sneak previews of the record, the moodbard mix features tracks from the likes

Untitled 909 Podcast 139: Aroent

A crunchy club-ready mix from Berlin-based producer Aroent who exercises his approach to improvisation featuring tracks from Leese, Splash Pattern, Forest Drive West, Bluetoof, Amaliah and more. Speaking about the mix, Aroent says, “This mix is mostly inspired by the club nights I’ve been doing lately and driven by my attempt to redefine my thoughts

The Lowdown: Henzo

There’s not many producers  I follow where I will instantly buy a record by them before checking it out. However, Manchester-based, Preston-bred DJ and producer Henzo is definitely one of them. As described in the press release for his latest release ‘Iron Lighter’ on Left, Right & Centre, Henzo’s signature style can be known as