Untitled 909 Podcast 169: Henderson

A sweet and sensual mix from London-based DJ Henderson which if you know Henderson personally, it’s quintessentially them.

Co-founder of Organics, a party and mix series based in London and Bristol, Henderson has always had a deep connection with music. Their background in classical and contemporary dance lead to their love of dance music with it being intrinsically linked with their love of movement. The dancefloor for them is a space for self expression, creativity and freedom and as a DJ, their goal is to be a catalyst for these things; for the dancers on the floor to feel that euphoric release so tied to dancing at the rave. Through their dance training, Henderson has been hosting a queer dance class, Shapeshifterz, in London and is also part of the welfare collective Safe Only. Henderson also runs two radio shows on Threads and Netil Radio, has previously played at the likes of Creekside Festival, Dalston Superstore, The Glove That Fits, Corsica Studios, and Electrowerks.

Speaking about the mix, Henderson says, “For my untitled 909 mix I really wanted to put together a selection of tracks that make me feel sexy. For me clubs have the power to release emotion and discover parts of yourself that you never knew existed. A lot of sexual liberation happens on dance floors, so the inspiration for this mix is somewhat of an ode to those experiences. As I gro-w and have a deeper understanding of the music I love, I find the sets that excite me the most are ones that take you on a journey through multiple emotions. ‘Serious’ dance music should always be accompanied with just as many elements of campiness, fun & euphoria in order to achieve this. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a group of friends hugging or someone crying on the dance floor – and that is always a goal of mine when I play.”

1. Kadoc – I love it
2. BASHKAA – Amor Extraterrestre
3. The Trip – Boom Operator
4. Tucan Discos – Chronologie (Edit)
5. Fun 69 – 69 Fun (EOE Edit)
6. REES – Hydrate (Dream mix)
7. Hydra – Butterflies (Heliotropic mix)
8. Wubble U – Petal
9. 131bpm – Anoyx
10. The Grid – Higher Peaks
11. Kariya – Let me love you for tonight (Baby Rollén remix)
12. Emma B – Melting Love (Maruwa Remix)
13. Amraks – WantMe2
14. Pascal Moscheni – Amo Tuo Kzzo (PM Edit)
15. Pizzaman – Sex on the streets (Taul Paul & Tin Tin Out Goodfellos Mix)
16. Amber – Sexual