The Lowdown: bunni

Entering bunni’s world is like peering into someone’s diary. It’s honest and vulnerable with all of her emotions laid out on the table. Launching the moniker three years, bunni started working on music as a way of helping her find herself again after feeling lost following college. bunni is one of the artists coming through

Untitled 909 Podcast 145: FYI Robyn

London-based DJ and intuitive movement guide FYI Robyn showcases her healing approach to music through a mix that is introspective, giving yourself a moment to lose yourself within the deep rumbling bass, ecstatic beats, chants and natural textures. Over the last few years, Robyn has been exploring the connection with music and wellness more, with movement

The Lowdown: Henzo

There’s not many producers  I follow where I will instantly buy a record by them before checking it out. However, Manchester-based, Preston-bred DJ and producer Henzo is definitely one of them. As described in the press release for his latest release ‘Iron Lighter’ on Left, Right & Centre, Henzo’s signature style can be known as

The Lowdown: Ultima Esuna

An artist very much on the rise, Mexican producer Ultima Esuna is quickly becoming known for her dreamy, atmospheric productions, often seeped in emotion which span across dembow, reggaeton and techno. Currently based in Vancouver, Ultima Esuna has three records on her Bandcamp page, with the first being released in December 2020. Her style is

The Lowdown: Kellen303

There’s something in the water in New York. As an outsider looking in, the different communities and scenes bubbling away across the pond excites me so much – a lot of my favourite artists and DJs are based there at the moment. From institutions and events such as Dweller, Nowadays and Bossa Civic Club to

The Lowdown: 96 Back

It’s been incredible to witness 96 Back’s trajectory over the years. The ‘Excitable, Girl’ album on Central Processing Unit was one of our favourite records released that year and since then, the Manchester-based producer has non-stop, consistently breaking the boundaries of who he is as an artist. Having released on four labels last year alone,

The Lowdown: Love Letters

Love Letters is part of the expansive world that Maxime Robillard orbits in. An alias for his house and music productions, Maxime is also a self-taught engineer and mixer, releases ambient and experimental music under his given name and as Hypnotic Spa as well as composes original works for film. Originally from Vermont, Maxime moved

Untitled 909 Podcast 084: Trizna

An 100% production mix from Moscow-based artist Trizna. We initially came across Trizna’s work via East Man’s Hi Tek Sound label where Trizna released a split record alongside Moscow Legend. The pair had worked together previously through Moscow Legend’s label United Gang where Trizna released ‘Raid’ EP. Inspired by the grey and cold settings of