Untitled 909 Podcast 054: Nick León

Coming through the buzzing scene in South Florida, Nick León cut his teeth as a producer working with local talent and some of the region’s biggest rap artists including Denzel Curry and Robb Bank$. It was these collaborations that helped bring his name to a global audience and giving him the confidence and platform to

J Majik: Always Be

One of the original Metalheadz crew, J Majik is a key player in the UK’s Drum & Bass/Jungle scene. Releasing his first record in 1992 on Lemon D’s Planet Earth imprint, Majik’s extensive back catalogue sees him land on labels such as Reinforced, Tru Playaz and Suburban Base Records. It’s been 25 years since his

The Lowdown: Panorama Barre

As we entered lockdown I found it difficult to try and keep up with my exercise routine, especially living in a top floor apartment the exercises I could do were limited. A lot of online sessions on offer included jumping in some form so I was ecstatic when I saw a friend on Instagram sharing

Label Love Affair: Moveltraxx

Founded in 2007 in Paris, Moveltraxx was one of the first collectives to bring Chicago’s electric footwork scene across the Atlantic to Europe. It was originally launched as a vinyl-only imprint by Big Dope P and his friends as a way for them to have their records exist in real life. It was also a

The kaleidoscopic world of Basic Rhythm

Basic Rhythm’s contribution to the electronic music scene, specifically in the UK, is far-reaching. Coming through in the 90s when every aspect of the hardcore continuum was exploding, Basic Rhythm is closely connected with the community in East London, having spent most of his early days at record shops such as Boogie Times in Romford,

The Lowdown: Klein Zage

A friend recently said to me that I “get so juiced up on pop music”, and it’s so true. Pop music was my first love, they were my first concerts and it was my first obsession. So when I find hints of poptimism in dance music, I’m overjoyed. From cheesy bootlegs, tasteful blends and house

Tristan Arp: Slip

Scrolling through Tristan Arp’s Instagram feed you are fed with warm, colourful imagery from his paintings to record sleeves to the environments he finds himself in. It’s a cluster of inspiration and an insight into his creative mind. This vibrancy seeps into his productions as he often looks to natural elements and creatures, shapeshifting them