Untitled 909 Podcast 182: Yin Yang Audio

A deep dive into Yin Yang Audio’s production soundscape for Podcast 182.

Currently based in Mexico, Yin Yang Audio is a prolific producer who is known for his meditative yet dark approach to productions. Drawing inspiration from dub, ambient, techno and drum & bass, Yin Yang Audio’s sound plays with juxtaposition as it can be visceral yet calm, a union of opposites. Sometimes self releasing, Yin Yang Audio has also landed on labels such as Temple. Recordings, Venom Inc Audio, Diffuse Reality Records, Onset Audio, and Modern Conveniences to name a few.

Ahead of his next event at YuYu on the 29th March, we get to know Yin Yang Audio as we chat through his influences, life in Mexico City and Houston, what drives his meditative approach to production, the steady output of releases and more.



Hey! How are you doing? What have you been up to lately? 

Hi Chanel! I’m doing great, thanks for asking. Lately I’ve been getting tracks ready for an awesome event at YuYu, one of the most respected underground venues in Mexico City where we will combine techno, bass music and D&B throughout the night. Also, I’ve been learning OBS Studio to create music production courses [sorry for the delay! They will be out shortly]


Let’s start from the very beginning, what was your first introduction to music in general and then more specifically electronic music?

I remember being probably 3 years old when I caught my first memory of music. As i was playing on the bed, my uncle put on Magneto – Vuela Vuela [a rendition of Desireless – voyage voyage] and i literally stopped what I was doing and just sat there mesmerized listening to this heavy 80’s pop beat with that classic gated reverb snare. Super catchy tune. 

Electronic music truly entered my life when I was 15 years old. An older friend invited my friend and I to a rave. We had no idea what a rave was but since it was the weekend and my parents were tricked into thinking I was going to spend the night at my friend’s house we were in the clear to go. That night was truly magical, something I will never forget. The lights, the music, the vibe, the people… just..wow..


Who was the first artist or band that you were a fan of?

I’ve always been a bit fickle with music and I still am, always changing it up, never sticking to one band, genre, or whatever for too long. That aside, some of the first bands that I became a huge fan of are The Mars Volta, Radiohead, and The Prodigy. Those 3 sing to my soul.


Was there a formative moment growing up, whether that’s seeing your favorite band live or an incredible DJ set, that led you to this path? 

Going back to my 15 year old self at that rave, Of all the different genres of electronic music we experienced that night, what my friend and I gravitated to the most was the intense and dark future vibe of D&B and Techno. That Night we got to listen to Dieselboy in one room and Chris Liebing in the other. We didn’t know who they were at the time but we LOVED what they played.


You’re based in Mexico City, what’s your experience of the music scene there? You also live or lived in Houston right? 

Correct, Mexico City’s music scene is very vibrant, I love it. Techno is king here but there are many awesome crews here doing some many unique things, so much love, it’s very inspiring! We hope our event on the 29th will open some eyes and ears as we break down genres.

Yes, I’ve also lived in Houston, the scene there finally broke down its mainstream tendencies and blossomed into a beautiful underground culture. There is lots of community, lots of love. Old school crews there teaching the younger generations on how to keep it real.


How does your environment inform your work? 

Music is an artistic outlet for me. I leave the world and create my own. There are times when I feel too much and it shows in the music.


Despite tapping into varying genres from dub, industrial, and techno, there’s a deep meditative approach to your productions, where does this come from? What’s influencing this approach? 

Through the turbulence and range of emotions that people may feel when listening to my music I want them to know they are loved. It comes from the balance that I attempt to keep with my sound. I’ve been told that my sounds have helped them through dark times so THAT is what I aim for.


You have quite a consistent output, within the last month alone you have announced an album and an EP. What is your production process? How often are you working on music? 

The album with Circle Vision was really supposed to come out last year actually haha. But yeah I like to keep busy, I think part of the production process involves the passion to create something new, I am an artist, Ableton live is my canvas.  I always strive to push the sound and that motivates me. I work on music almost on the daily.


Where do you look for sources of inspiration outside of music?

Normally my music is influenced by scifi, cyberpunk and weird stuff, I lose myself in those landscapes and return with awesome music, haha.


You’ve also contributed a mix for the 909 series, what’s the concept behind this one? 

This mix is somewhat of a discography and bits of unreleased music. A mix that starts with some looming techno and ends with more bass heavy deep 170 and grey area


What is your approach to club mixes versus approaching mixes for an online platform or radio show? 

I never plan my club mixes, it’s more fun that way.


What are you looking forward to the most in 2024?

I really look forward to starting something special in Mexico City. It’s already begun, I’m really feeling my potential here. I’m excited to see where it will take me.


Yin Yang Audio will be playing at YuYu on the 29th March – more info here.