The Lowdown: Man Power

Once an anonymous figure, Man Power is the production alias of Geoff Kirkwood. Originally from the North East of England, Kirkwood now spends his time fluttering between Mexico and Berlin, running a label called Me Me Me Records and touring his eclectic style. Previously released on Optimo Trax, Hivern Discs, STAMP and Correspondant, Man Power’s

The Lowdown: Andu Simion

Next in our Lowdown series, we speak to Andu Simion about his forthcoming release on Eric Cloutier’s Palinoia imprint and the importance of having platforms dedicated to up and coming artists.   Your next release is on Eric Cloutier’s Palinoia label, how did your relationship with Eric begin? I’ve listened to his Driftwood tribute mix

The Lowdown: ORBE

Following our Label Love Affair feature with Palinoia and founder Eric Cloutier, we spoke to ORBE, the latest artist to release on the label about the EP and how his relationship with Cloutier begun. Your next release is on Eric Cloutier’s Palinoia label, how did your relationship with Eric begin? After releasing my first album

Label Love Affair: Palinoia

A self-described ‘record digging psychopath’, Detroit-born Eric Cloutier launched Palinoia in 2016 with the aim of pushing through new talent. Palinoia is Greek for “the obsessive repetition of an act until it is perfected or mastered”, stemming from Cloutier’s experience of receiving incredible tracks from unsigned artists with ‘mediocre mixdowns’ unsuitable for his high end

Influences: TML

Recently announcing his next EP ‘Machine Bias’ on Hotflush Recordings, Minneapolis-based producer TML uses the release to draw the line between midwestern raves and UK soundsystems by combining vintage electro, acid house and broken drum programming. In the debut edition of influences, TML breaks down the tracks that impacted ‘Machine Bias’ and gives an insight into the

The Lowdown: CutOff!CutOff!

Gearing up for the launch of his new label RSNTR Recs, with the first EP ‘Décollage’ out on the 22nd February, German artist CutOff!CutOff! is an elusive character that has been releasing music for the past five years on established labels such as TOYS, Shifting Peaks and Exposure Music. We caught up with him to discuss

DJ Winggold, Unbound Events

At 909 we like to present talent that exude personality and musical prowess. Our audiophile curiosities often leave us nosing around sub genres and back-catalogues, anticipating the fresh sound you’ve been unknowingly longing for. When it came to our attention that a friend was to begin throwing parties in London we were absolutely drooling for