Untitled 909 Podcast 10b: Dr. Blowfin

Although the bloke has a pretty questionable doctorate, Dr Blowfin sure knows how to take you on a freaky deaky journey deep into the confines of his mind. Deep tribal soundscapes collide with warm atmospherics, jagged breaks clash with mechanic 808’s and triumphant melodies contrast with wailing acid lines in this latest offering from the Dr’s laboratory.


Serge Bulot – Dame Blanche [Camisole Records]
Suba – Wayang 08 [Offen Music]
Miko & Mubare – Komoma Ya-Ya-Ya [Music From Memory]
Punctum – Glory Bitch [Σ]
Prime Minister of Doom – Tribal Days Part III [All Possible Worlds]
Møzaika – T-T Tool [Public Possession]
Hymns – Water Acid [Salt Mines]
VC-118A – Permutation [Frustrated Funk]
Farron – Paneth [XCPT Music]
Sonar Base – Sonar Base #10 [U-Trax]
The Mover – Calculations [Boidae]
Paul Blackford – 12am Show Down [Body Control Records]
The Micronaut – Earlylate [Freude Am Tanzen]
Anton Price – Transformation [Tryptamine]
Sheena Easton – Sugar Walls (Red Mix) [EMI]


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