Untitled 909 Podcast 028: Bklava

Another kickass mix in our series from a Patterns resident. This time it’s from South London DJ Bklava who is known for her hybrid sets which include live vocal overdubs. Having supported Conducta, Dan Shake and Kurupt FM, Bklava also founded Spin Suga. The concept began as a promotion based platform supporting female/non-binary DJs and

Untitled 909 Podcast 026: Esposito

Getting grimy for the 26th edition. Switching things up in our podcast series is Grime Box promoter and REEF resident Esposito who is one of Berlin’s hidden treasures. Known for his genre-crossing style and tension building sets, the mix flows through liquid drum n bass, halftime and jungle with ease. It’s atmospheric, transcending into a

Untitled 909 Podcast 023: Hoshina Anniversary

We’ve previously featured Hoshina Anniversary around his brilliant EP ‘A Cid’ on Jack Dept. late last year. Since then, the Tokyo based artist has released on Youth, Safe Trip and more recently Musar Recordings with ‘Zangai’. His music often incorporates Japanese traditional music which Hoshina has coined as ‘Watechno’ – ‘Wa’ meaning Japanese. This is

Untitled 909 Podcast 021: Faro

Our 21st edition is from another Patterns resident, Faro, who got into electronic music in her early teens. Growing up on her Dad’s old R&B and soul records, Faro’s influences now are across the board from Chicago and Detroit inspired house to nu-disco and garage. Kickstarting her DJ career in 2015, Faro joins Patterns in

Untitled 909 Podcast 020: Momo

Following on from our Meet The Residents feature with some of Patterns’ finest, Momo provides the 20th edition of our podcast series. Immersing herself in the world of dance music when she moved to Brighton for university, Emily learned the skills of being a DJ with the help of Rhythm Sister’s workshops. A Momo set