Bézier to release debut album ‘Parler Musique’ on Dark Entries

“Is the drum the successor of human sacrifice or does it still sound the command to kill?” Adorno, Motifs (1951) Dark Entries is set to release the debut album from Taiwanese-American musician Bézier on the 12th March. Titled ‘Parler Musique’, the 8-track album goes cross-genre with elements of punk, synthpop, jungle, new romantic, industrial and new wave

Influences: TML

Recently announcing his next EP ‘Machine Bias’ on Hotflush Recordings, Minneapolis-based producer TML uses the release to draw the line between midwestern raves and UK soundsystems by combining vintage electro, acid house and broken drum programming. In the debut edition of influences, TML breaks down the tracks that impacted ‘Machine Bias’ and gives an insight into the