Untitled 909 Podcast 168: Destrata

Canadian producer Destrata enters the series with a bubbling bass bath that leans into both the old and new school featuring tracks from Jurango, Piezo, Doctor Jeep, Mia Koden, INVT and a couple of unreleased gems for good measure. Most recently releasing on Darwin’s SPE:C and Of Paradise imprint, Destrata also co-runs the Audio Social

The Lowdown: Field Maneuvers

In the last few years I’ve seen an increasing appetite for smaller DIY festivals which are usually less than 1000 capacity and have a community-driven approach to programming. Whether that’s because I’m getting older and my social anxiety steers me away from these huge, often commercial, festivals or that the world that I orbit in

Untitled 909 Podcast 163: Kampire

I’m writing this up as another edition of Dekmantel Festival comes to a close and it could not be more fitting. I first saw Kampire play at Dekmantel last year after serendipitously coming across her set at the Greenhouse stage. It ended up being one of our favourite sets of the weekend – the energy