The Lowdown: Fingalick

Experimental beatmaker and sampler Fingalick – known as Tomas to his friends and family – has been working with music since the age of 3. He was once a child prodigy, before he even touched a computer and begun testing out different softwares. Fingalick’s music oozes warm soulful vocals and laidback LA-inspired beats. He is

MARMO: ‘We have a hard time defining ourselves with a generic musical term, therefore we like to use this meaningless one: Post-Techno’

With vinyl having a massive resurgence over the past couple of years, the pressure for artists to create vinyl formats of their releases has increased. As London-based duo MARMO explain, ‘for some pyschological reasons, if something is on vinyl it’s more worthy of attention to electronic music listeners nowadays.’ It’s for this reason, Christian and

The Lowdown: Roma Zuckerman

Over the past couple of years, Nina Kraviz’s imprint трип has become a staple for an eclectic selection of Eastern European sounds. Spanning across IDM, electro, gabber, techno and house, the label has championed incredible artists such as Bjarki, Exos, K-Hand, Deniro and Steve Stoll. On the 8th December, Russian artist Roma Zuckerman will step

Perc to release two remix EP’s from Bitter Music LP

Perc has announced the release of two remix EP’s of his hugely successful third album ‘Bitter Music’. Including stand-out tracks ‘I Just Can’t Win’, ‘Chatter’ and ‘Rat Run’, a selection of techno heavyweights including Dax J, Lucy, Hodge and Matrixxman among others have provided exclusive reworks. ‘Bitter Music’ pushed Perc’s sound to further extremes than