Untitled 909 Podcast 111: Photonz

Lisbon-based artist Photonz was first featured on 909 in its early inception back in 2018 where he took us on a guide through the city’s emerging scene. Since then, Photonz has continued to go from strength to strength, contributing to labels such as Dark Entries with his debut album, launched his own label Alphabet Street

Book Club: Nico, DJ & Producer

Welcome to our Book Club series. Reading has always been a part of my life, for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always had a curiosity into what other people were reading, often questioning my family members about the books they had on their shelves or at the pool. Over the last few years, I’ve reconnected

Premiere: Farsight – Tusi [Femme Culture]

One of our favourite producers, Farsight, returns with a new single ‘Tusi’.  Known for his vibrant, high energy records that are sure to bring the fire to any party, the Oakland-based artist continues to channel that energy into this compilation. “Tusi is inspired in equal parts by guaracha, baltimore club and pure imagination– To me

Untitled 909 Podcast 110: Boo Lean

It’s time to pass the decks to AV curator and DJ Boo Lean (Lauren Goshinski) who’s always full of surprises and channels the energy of a recent storm in podcast number 110. It’s a wild ride that goes straight in for the kill with tracks from Silence Groove and a Phantasy & Aphorite remix. Keeping

Premiere: qgb – PIGS [PRESENT TENSE]

Bristol-based producer QGB returns their second album ‘A RECKONING’ out on the 8th April via their PRESENT TENSE imprint. The album was recorded over a three year period, with another year to get it together to release it.  As mentioned to Accidental Meetings recently, GQB said of the album, “it’s aggy and a bit broken

Untitled 909 Podcast 109: mi-el

Not long left to go until the debut edition of Risen which will be taking place this weekend across Hackney Wick for an all-day and night celebration of the divine feminine. Run by the women of Percolate Music, Risen was founded to support up and coming artists while giving a platform to the established crews

Untitled 909 Podcast 108: Sueuga

A haunting cinematic mix from Oakland-based artist Sueuga. Making their production debut back in 2019 on Terror Negro Records under the Sueuga Kamau moniker, Sueuga is now a solo venture by Manolis Sueuga. Using their music to explore their Afro-Latinx heritage, Sueuga’s releases often draw from historical moments, with their 1973 EP on Argentinian label

Premiere: laced – Future Sight [All Centre]

A sun soaked ambient jungle cut from laced’s All Centre debut.  Based in Montreal, laced runs the Causal Chain imprint and also releases under saudade with Marilou Lyonnais A and is part of the audio bambino collective. Laced has previously contributed to the Pandemic Artifact and Power Puerto Rico compilations as well as releasing an