Untitled 909 Podcast 134: Club Winston

Ahead of Jawdance this weekend – a multi-room mega rave with specific focus on the hard and fast – London-based DJ and promoter Club Winston brings that energy to the 909 mix series.

Speaking about the mix, Club Winston says, “this mix is made of crusty deep house, hard house and makina. High energy vinyl.”

Jawdance will be taking place on the 24th September at the Cause, London with a line-up of the cheekiest DJs in town including iona, FAFF, Sadidas, Kalli and Portara0000. You can buy tickets here.


freeez – i.o.u (ruff romix vocal)
rozzo – into your heart (terry lee brown remix)
lift me up – rob jr.
hard headed – new york express
juan sanchez – rude request
gold n’ delicious – pulsate
tensal, komatssu – rubecula
broadsword – weekender
jota demasiado – return party
richmond & lord sheraton – under mi flat cap