Untitled 909 Podcast 133: Softi

South London’s hidden gem Softi (fka Jazz) takes us down the rabbit hole into a dream-like underworld that weaves between different textural environments. From meditative dub to twisting experimental club music, the mix seamlessly flows through tracks from the likes of Soreab, Kincaid, Cousin, Laughing Ears, and CCL. 

Hosting the Cozi radio shows on Balamii and Rinse FM as well as frequently playing on Kindred, Jazz recently took Cozi into the club sphere. Teaming up with local London promoters Terra Obscura and Local Knowledge, the trio hosted an incredible party at Ormside Projects, booking Kia, Yumi b2b Amelia Holt and GiGi alongside resident with the night starting as a ‘cozy’ ambient/downtempo listening session. The dreamiest programming! 

Launching the Softi moniker with this mix, the dynamic DJ is certainly one to watch. With her soundscape firmly rooted within psychedelic realm, you will be able to catch Softi at the Waterworks E1 afterparty this weekend as well as Or:la’s Phoenix Residency and Corsica Studios in October. Not to be missed! 🐰✨



Space Drum Meditation – Fangs of Gold

Max Cooper – Weakness of the Flesh ft. Samad Khan 

Soreab – Riots in the Amphitheatre 

Cousin – Welcome 

Kincaid – Blue Coat, Red Dress

Akkord – Megalith 

Deadboy – Nomos

Amazondotcom – A Flower, Nocturnal and Permanent 

Underground City Loop – Suburban Skyrail 

Space Drum Meditation – Chatter 

Cousin – 1 Tun 

Amazondotcom & Siete Catorce – Shells

Club Winston – Isolate

Ilayaraja – Amman Kovil (Siu Mata edit)

Lisene – Class of 92 

Client_03 – Autonomous Correction

Nuri – Mos’r 

Boo Boo & Mace – Hejaz 

Yung-Raj – Buzzkill

Laughing Ears – Blue Dusk 

Primal Code – Nanotecna 

CCL – Tachyon Frog 

Laughing Ears – The Smiling Mask