Untitled 909 Podcast 132: Syz

Innovative club producer Syz is next up on Untitled 909 with an electrifying mix that channels the dizzying energy you can find within his releases for labels such as Control Freak Recordings, Femme Culture, and Pressure Dome. Very, very soon you will find him on the much-loved Bristol/Berlin label Banoffee Pies Records. A much-loved DJ within the UK circuit, he has played at events for the likes of Unbound, Bliss Print, The Cause, Queen’s Yard Summer Party and next month will be playing for the Maple Cuts crew to Venue MOT.

In his own words, “the mix is a club ready excursion into some recent favourites I’ve been hammering. Unreleased music from myself, Tammo Hesselink and Amaliah inside, weaved in with some tribal classics from Oliver Ho and many more flavours.”


Malin Genie – Amulius Numitor

Flørist – Bonus Beats

Tano – The Last Minute

Bas Dobbelaar – Between Phases

Syz – Mindforms (Tammo Hesselink Remix)

Chloe Robinson & DJ ADHD – Pax (Four Tet Remix)

Avernian & Strick – Hairline Fracture

Z. James – Pull Trigga

Rene Wise – Knock Motion

Knights – Recall

Destrata – Amphibian Barrier

I. Jordan – Baby

Syz – Headpsin

Oliver Ho – Palace

Amaliah – T. Siren

Plus One – Repeater

Siu Mata & Amor Satyr – Acidez

Syz – Ozmagolikan

Fundamental Knowledge – 1994-20 (Sarah Farina Remix)

Sobolik – Deadly

Oliver Ho – Fossil

KW – ZFGT0505

Purelink – Maintain The Bliss