Untitled 909 Podcast 062: Cora

A trance-inducing session from Chengdu’s Cora.

Following artists based in Asia on social media at the moment is an outlook of what life could be like at the end of All This. A light at the end of the tunnel whilst the rest of the world figures out how to get a handle on the global crisis, parts of Asia have started to experience their new normal. In China where our latest mix artist is based, clubs have reopened and .TAG affiliate Cora has been able to get behind the decks almost every weekend again. Switching from an indie film actor and model to a DJ soundtracking slinky dancefloors across the continent, Cora is one to watch. With key dates at Zhao Dai,  OIL, and JAR Xian as well as Boiler Room sessions, Club Quarantane stream, and Zhao Dai bringing their showcase to the coast for a special three-day event, she is a vital force in activating connections between underground club scenes in East Asia and the rest of the world. Her sound and style are hypnotizing with DJ sets spanning across trance, techno, house, breaks and electro, and playing alongside the likes of HAO, and Ayeman.


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