Pacing it: running mixes for winter 2020

After being tormented with ankle injuries for most of the Summer during marathon training, I have finally found my feet again with running. It may be the worst time to pick up the sport as Berlin dips down into the minus and London is showered with constant torrential rain recently, but I’m determined to get my groove back. Those early mornings or late evening runs after work are so much harder at the moment due to the constant darkness but a good mix or playlist is a key part of getting you out the door and taking to the streets.

This year running has been especially helpful with keeping my anxiety at bay, clearing my mind, and exploring my hometown or the relatively new city that I live in. So to help, I’ve included below a list of some of the go-to mixes that I have been returning to over the last couple of months categorized by the type of run you are about to head out on. There are the sprint sessions which needs constant high-intensity music that never dips in BPM to keep you going, the taking it easy runs, your fast/race pace sessions which are in need of something a little bit in enduring, and the long-distance runs which vary in mood and tempo over the course of the session – I really enjoy listening to house, disco or UKG during these runs as they keep you in good spirits and tend to have lyrics for you to sing along to and forget that your running for a short while. Below you will find mixes spanning across varying genres and moods from the likes of Roza Terenzi, Smokey, Conducta, JM Moser, Zenker Brothers, and Sherelle. These should hopefully help keep you warm and moving throughout these upcoming colder months.



JM Moser – 2-Step & Garage Tunes 

(UKG, 2-Step)

Peak Time 2 – A Mix By DJ Python and Anthony Naples 

(House, Techno) 

Chekov / Lara David – Soliparty Mixx

(House, Breaks, Techno) 

Fast/race pace

Fold x Ilian Tape – Zenker Brothers

(Dubstep, Techno, DnB, Grime) 

Haider – DS1 2005 Niche Mix 

(Bassline, UKG)

SPND 20 Mixtape by Smokey 

(Footwork, DnB, Jungle, Techno)


Sherelle Essential Mix 

(DnB, Techno, Footwork)

Daisychain 138 – DJ Voices 

(DnB, Techno)

Not a mix but Pendulum – Hold Your Colour LP is an album I’ve been going back to for years during my sprints



RA.756 Roza Terenzi 

(Trance, Techno, Breaks)

Rinse FM – Conducta August 2020

(UKG, 2-Step) 

MJK w/ Skee Mask on 1020 Radio

(Grime, UKG, Dub)


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