Influences: Black Cadmium

Rotterdam duo Black Cadmium have been firmly on our radar for a while now. It was almost exactly to the day last year that we first featured the duo on 909 with an outstanding contribution to our mix series. Now we welcome them back to find out more about their influences and what or who has helped them become the artists they are today. In the year since we’ve featured them, they’ve been busy with releases on Transient Nature, Duality Trax and Vault Wax, guest shows on Rinse FM and being championed by Eris Drew for her collaboration with Boiler Room. 


Pulp Fiction

13 years old, home alone and sneakily watching it for the first time. By the end of this flick I felt like I was 17. 


Do the Right Thing

Beautiful, funny, heated, real. An epic Spike Lee joint reflecting the other side of the coin. Just a dead honest reflection of society. 


The Matrix

Especially part 1. This changed the way I view society as a whole. Maybe more relevant today than meets the eye. 


Room Full of Mirrors: Biography of Jimi Hendrix

A virtuoso, a pioneer. By getting to know his story, you’ll feel his energy even more when listening to his music. Being naked and baring your soul, that’s what performing is about. 


Hiatus Kayote – The Lung

While setting up all the gear in the studio, for a while, The Lung was the first track played to get into the mood. 


Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Hi Tech Jazz

 A piece of musical history, timeless history…sounds contradictory right… Hi Tech Jazz, Hi Tech Soul. A pivotal track. Get to know to understand. 


Maceo – Soul Of A Black Man

A masterpiece. The way James Brown explains hardships takes you into parts of life you might have never experienced.  Maceo cuts though your soul with his sax. Minutes feel like a lifetime. 


The Pharcyde – Runnin’

A good day for hip hop. The message is clear and one we all have to face. The melody, the beat. Still inspiring. 


Now & Wow

With the millennium just behind us, Joe and I were heavy clubbers.  We were always to be found either in front of the DJ booth or just a little bit to the left. Now & Wow was raging and influential to a whole generation. They released a couple of mixed cd’s. This is might be our favourite. 


Lightworker by Sahvanna Arienta

A very insightful book about the many ways in which we experience reality. I fully identify with feeling like a tool of the universe.  Experiencing this reality by learning and helping others in their journey. A solid read if you feel lightwork resonates with you. 


‘Inertia’ by Black Cadmium is out now via Transient Nature – buy here.