Untitled 909 Podcast 092: ohmydais

A slightly more restrained session from the unstoppable force that is ohmydais.

One of the most exciting DJs in the UK club circuit right now, ohmydais has been making waves with killer contributions to famed platforms such as HÖR, Lobster Theremin and Foundation FM as well as gigs at fabric, Corsica Studios, Tola and The Cause to name a few. Based in London and part of the Saffron crew, ohmydais is renowned for her plummeting sets that go and above beyond breakneck speeds of 160bpm+, seamlessly weaving between UK bass, footwork, donk and more. You can always rely on ohmydais for some seriously silly fun.

For 909, ohmydais flips the switch, just a little, to showcase a different side to her selections. Whilst it may start off slow, the mix adventures into faster territories and you’re never too far from a pop edit with hints of Missy Elliott and Avril Lavigne included.

Speaking about the mix Daisy says, “I was waiting for the right opportunity to do something different so I’ve kicked things off at 100bpm for a change. The mix also doesn’t reach 160 as I wanted to keep this a lil slower than usual. hope u enjoy x”

Head to ohmydais’ Soundcloud for more brilliant mixes.

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