Joel Eel: “It not only allowed me to tell myself that I didn’t have to be so afraid, but helped me understand why others felts so guarded about exposing themselves.”

Some of the best work is often the ones filled with emotion. There’s drive and motivation behind the work. It’s therapeutic and cathartic. Relating to Joel Eel’s second album ‘Performing A Crime’, a masterclass of industrial EBM, the LP is a concept of how being in love can feel criminal in and of itself. Exploring

The Lowdown: Gabriella Vergilov

Music is a beautiful freedom of expression and as Bulgarian artist Gabriella Vergilov would put it ‘an abstract description of our emotions’. Having released her first EP in 2016, Gabriella’s music has captured the attention of tastemakers across the globe and there’s no wonder why – her productions are powerful and rich, filled with her

Playlist: Cromby

As Ireland’s scene continues to grow, there’s an exciting wave of new artists coming from the country and making their mark across Europe – such as the success of artists like Bicep, Hammer, Saoirse, Or:a and Krystal Klear. One of those artists include Cromby who, has so far ticked off gigs at AVA Festival, Paranoma

Radioactive Man: “People want that freedom to go out and dance and without any time restrictions or security breathing down your shoulder.”

Electro seems to be having its moment right now, it’s the buzz word of the last two years and longstanding artists in that field have an increase in touring schedules. More and more artists are including the genre in their sets, I mean have you listened to a mix in the last six months that

The Lowdown: SDX

Based in Germany, SDX is about to pave his way as one of the most exciting new techno producers to come through this year. With his debut album ‘Nocturnal’ out on the 10th September via Sophia Saze’s label Dusk & Haze, it shows a relentless side to SDX’s productions. As an anonymous figure and not

Playlist: 10 Years of Killekill

Based in Berlin, Killekill was founded in June 2008 by Nico Desuter (aka DJ Flush) as a weekly club night held at Berghain’s Kantine. As a way of killing his boredom, Nico showcased incredible electronic live sets alongside psychedelic visuals with artwork by Flexn. At that time Berlin was resistance to change, making it a

Neil Landstrumm: “There are always pockets of resistance and change which warms the heart and soul of us old veterans of the original ecstasy wars in the 1990s.”

A true veteran of the UK’s techno and rave scene, Neil Landstrumm first made his mark in the industry in 1995 with releases such as ‘Brown By August’, ‘M. Cap’ and ‘Index Man’, all on Peacefrog Records. Becoming an accidental poster boy for the scene at the time, Neil is one of the few artists