Untitled 909 Podcast 144: Galtier

Nostro Hood System label founder Galtier enters the chat with a mix which he would describe as “wobbly, wonky, woozy, wubby, whizzy, whippy, whompy, wibey”. Taking a lot of W’s with this one.

Galtier says, “this hour and a half mix is a coagulation of the mid-range BPM stuff I have found recently. I often mix really slow or really fast tunes, so I wanted to explore the forgotten BPMs that don’t grace my sets or mixes as often.”

There is often a desire to take you away to faraway lands within Galtier’s music, with Nostro Hood System being a thematic label focused on the xenological discovery of an alternate galaxy. The label’s releases are the artefacts that originate from it. This approach has stemmed from his love of 1980s science fiction and fantasy that he grew up on.

Aside from the label, Galtier is a prolific producer within his own right. His productions have seen him land on labels such as Infinite Machine, NAAFI, Files Rec and Druid Cloak’s Apothecary as well as his own.

Eusebeia – Commemorate
Space Drum Meditation – Astika
Caldera – Pilzi
Small Crab – Bengal Spice
Awo Ojiji – Woodpecker
Galtier – OBCR
Camin – Duct
Korzi – Off Peak
Alan Johnson – Pleasure Principle
Coe – 1v1
Tammo Hesselink – Water Plus
Mesqit – Rebirth (Galtier Remix)
Yotah – Bouncer
Jabes – Ripples
Henzo – From Stun To Kill
Galtier – Sleep Vessel
Ruse – Kimura
Gaunt – Burnt Toast
Dolo Percussion – DOLO 15
Kincaid – Sycamore
Wen – LET ME B
DMX Krew – Dust Devil
Druid & Galtier – Body Horror
Amor Satyr & Siu Mata – Aquarius
Joy O, Boddika & Pearson Sound – Faint (Dyslectas Weaker Edit)
Cubemod – Sling
Second. – Go To Work
Hassan Abou Alam – Shmoolaire
Rhyw – Foamcore
Darling Farah – Bruised