Untitled 909 Podcast 139: Aroent

A crunchy club-ready mix from Berlin-based producer Aroent who exercises his approach to improvisation featuring tracks from Leese, Splash Pattern, Forest Drive West, Bluetoof, Amaliah and more.

Speaking about the mix, Aroent says, “This mix is mostly inspired by the club nights I’ve been doing lately and driven by my attempt to redefine my thoughts on club music. Quite a lot of variety in my opinion, some ups and downs that I’ve been really enjoying lately, less thinking and more improvisation than usual in my mixes.”

Aroent is a Thessaloniki-born and Berlin-based producer and DJ. Since 2020, he has released ‘Say’ EP on Infinite Machine including a Ploy remix, ‘Eleese’ EP on Awkwardly Social and a contribution on Athens UHD compilation on Trial&Error. With support from the likes of Ben UFO, Mor Elian, Rhyw, Gramrcy, BBC 6 Music, Resident Advisor, DJ Mag and more, Aroent has guested on shows such as NTS with Martha and Rinse France with Background and DJ Absurd.

‘Say’ by Aroent is out now via Infinite Machine – buy here.

Leese – Sag
Autechre – Basscadet (Bcdtmx)
Splash Pattern – Hammervand
Sébastien Forrester РTyphoon ft. Ehua
Dayzero – Daruma
Yushh – Team Boot
An Avrin – Paticake
Jags639 – DOLO (CHROMOSAV Remix)
Hassan Abou Alam – Ice
Bluetoof – Orb Ponderer
Forest Drive West – Escape
Kamran – Tombak Track
Bitter Babe & Nick Leon – Tranki
Rhyw – Foamcore
Ctrls – Your Data
Ben Pest – Greta Recognise
Viers – Running
Pangaea – Fuzzy Logic
Destrata – Beautiful Schema
Yaleesa Hall – Daisy Wright
Coe – Spin Cycle
Mafou – Nomad
Etapp Kyle – Unseen
Le Dom – Schism
DJ co.kr – Samulnor.E
Amaliah – T-Siren
Oceanic – Foam To
Nikki Nair – for all epsilon
Chloé Robinson & DJ ADHD РPax (Four Tet Remix)
Distance Dancer – Brain Dance