Untitled 909 Podcast 136: Ophélie

A cathartic session from Berlin-based DJ Ophélie who channels the intensity of life through the juxtaposition of hard and soft. The mix starts with the fierce soundscapes of Animistic Beliefs, Atrice, Ayesha, and RONI before taking her foot off the gas a little to release into a softer, more melody-driven moment that span across amapiano, dubstep and experimental club.

Speaking about the mix, Ophélie says, “the last few weeks have been a little intense and stressful for me, so recording this mix gave me some comfort and was a great way to release the built-up tension. I guess it’s a good reflection of my mind – probably a bit all over the place, and goes in many different directions, but hopefully it all kinda makes sense in the end, and I’m glad it ends on a peaceful note :)”

Ophélie has also worked as a writer, translator, booker and artist manager for the past six years. With experience in event and artist management, she’s interested in ways to support young artists outside the mainstream, in the hope to build a more equitable music scene. You can find Ophélie on Refuge Worldwide with her Therapy Dog residency and she also works within Communications and Artist Management at the Open Music Lab.

Animistic Beliefs – To Dream About Water
Midik – Dem Dem
Rufige Kru – V.I.P. Rider’s Ghost
Azemad – Berwaz
Xades – Locked In (Atrice Remix)
Ayesha – Swim
RONI – Earth Call
BLCKEBY – Sentimiento
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Barrabass
DÆMON & Endgame – Eye Teeth
Lila Tirando A Violeta, Sueuga & Tazar Yoot – Archivos Corruptos
Galtier – XX-101 (Process)
Small Crab – Bengal Spice
Coe – 1v1
Plebeian – Paradiso
Corin – Mnemosyne
Heronn – Medards Way
Caspa – Lon-Don City Feat. Uncle Sam
Breakage – Late Night
hmurd – murd ache
K-LONE – With Luv
Saves – Soul Scales
Swimful – More Distant on Approach