Untitled 909 Podcast 115: Jdotbalance

Chicago-via-Texas-based DJ and producer Jdotbalance gets breaksy on podcast 115. 

Founder of the GUD4U online platform and party series which describes itself as a “a pharmacy-inspired, genre-bending, community-centered platform promoting all music gud 4 ur mental wealth,” Jdotbalance’s work is very much driven by emotion and feeling, whether that’s taking you to a dark, introspective place for reflection or sweaty and sexy via raucous club music. Lose yourself in their back catalogue of mixes for series such as Papi Juice, Jerome, Daisychain, RUMORS and Bizaar Bazaar to name a few. This energy is channeled through to their productions as well with an EP forthcoming on Fixed Rhythms in the Summer. 

Moire – Know Me ft. Demigosh
James Bangura – Tribeca
Guava – Lift
Jdotbalance – Sublimate
LCY – garden of e10
Skee Mask – Collapse Casual
Two Shell – Big Style
K Wata – 8 Up
Pepe Elle & Cles – Instinct Primaire
Stenny – Boulders
Mafou – Blind
Brasil 03 – Pessoas Que Eu Conheço
Nobel, Andrea Dissimile – Act Like A Drum Machine
Vina Konda-( – C – O – ( O ) P ( O ) – O – C – )
Downstairs J – Solid Air City