Untitled 909 Podcast 084: Trizna

An 100% production mix from Moscow-based artist Trizna.

We initially came across Trizna’s work via East Man’s Hi Tek Sound label where Trizna released a split record alongside Moscow Legend. The pair had worked together previously through Moscow Legend’s label United Gang where Trizna released ‘Raid’ EP.

Inspired by the grey and cold settings of Moscow, Trizna would describe his sound as ‘primal grime’. His sound has had many iterations over the years, ‘I downloaded FL and tried to write hip-hop beats for the first time. It wasn’t until later when I switched to Ableton that I tried to make a more bass sound. This resulted in the SPACESURFER project where I tried to make a sound closer to grime but more melodic and light. There was another project where I did raw techno and lo-fi house (Handra (Хандра)) and the Trizna project is a collection of all of these experiences together’, Trizna explains.

Aiming for his music to be a window to another reality for the listeners, the mix he has provided for us is an all production session recorded in Ableton Live. The mix moves through his many different projects, starting with Handra then Trizna and rounding off with SPACESURFER.

‘Made In Moscow’ by Moscow Legend & Trizna is out now via Hi Tek Sounds – buy here.

Хандра – Лунная мантра
Хандра – Волколак (Dubplate)
Хандра – Молитвенный круг
Хандра – Славянский риддим
Хандра – Тьма
Хандра – Вежа
Хандра – Hustla
Хандра – Breakin Rapin
Handra – Thread of Fate (Dubplate)
Handra – Acid Jugend (Dubplate)
Хандра – VHS
Handra – Sacred Dance (Dubplate)
Trizna – Upyr
Trizna – One Step
Trizna – Shattered (Dubplate)
Trizna – Massive
Trizna – Заговор
Trizna – Bwoy (Bass Edit) х Город на холме
Trizna – Отрава
Moscow Legend – Tek Dis! (Trizna Remix) (Dubplate)
SPACESURFER – Dancing in Space
Trizna – Тризна
SPACESURFER – Dreamland (Ambient mix)