Pacing It: running mixes for winter 2022

One whole year later and we’re back with a new edition of Pacing It. I promise to be more consistent with these in 2022. Personally, it’s been a turbulent year for running as I continue to battle through injuries whilst also hitting my stride with personal bests. Though, I’m currently on the bench, seeking physio treatment for my incredibly tight calves (new achievement unlocked – my physio says they are the tightest she has ever seen), but hope to be back on the streets in January as I start training for the Paris Marathon. The timing isn’t the most ideal as it only really leaves me three months to train and I have to slowly ease back into running again but it’ll be fine, right? It always is in the end… The plan is to do the Paris Marathon as a kind of practice race and then run either London or Berlin later in the year to secure a new best time – aiming for 4 hours or under.

Even though I haven’t been running for the last month, I have continued to keep up some sort of a workout routine and aware of how tough it is to stay motivated at this time of year. Putting on an energetic mix to get me in the headspace to train has been getting me through the slumps and leaves me feeling excited and often dancing around the gym. I wish I could listen to music whilst swimming, my local pool only plays Magic or Smooth FM which exclusively only plays the most depressing dad classics – not very motivating! However, included below are some of my recent favourite mixes which I’ve divided into specific runs – easy, quick race pace, speedy sprints and those blissful long distance runs where you enter a meditative state – hopefully something for everyone!



Untitled 909 Podcast 083: Amaliah


Rinse FM: DJ Python b2b livwutang 


Juanita’s Mix 059: Lychee 


Bonus: Papi Juice Vol. 64: Simisea Live Set



Campout Series: DJ Voices


Crack Mix 425: Bored Lord


Crack Mix 430: Ploy 



Dekmantel Podcast 350: Akua 


adidas | Marathon Run 160bpm 


Crack Mix 415: Tim Reaper 



Campout Series: Dee Diggs


Mother’s Finest Pod 020: DJ Winggold


Ford Escort Muzik