Introducing our monthly podcast series

Whilst we enjoy telling you about our favourite music and everything that goes on in this illustrious industry, we also enjoy playing it out. So this is why we are introducing you to our monthly podcast series, featuring friends and incredible talent from around the globe. Untitled #909 is all about supporting upcoming musicians as well as those who are already established so there will be an eclectic sorts of characters partaking in our series. The mixes will feature a spectrum of sounds from all over the world, from percussive African sounds, to the UK garage scene and industrial sounds from Berlin. You never know where the podcast may take you.

First up is from two of the founders, Dj Paramedic and Dr. Blowfin. An enigmatic duo, these two come together quite frequently to bounce their electric sounds off each other to create an explosive mix of bubbly disco and house to boisterous and sometimes face-melting techno and aggressive electro.

Here’s a smooth introduction to what you can expect to here from the obscure duo.

Artwork by Luis Gomez