Boiler Room presents Marc Romboy & Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra: Reconstructing Debussy

Ahead of the release of his debut Electronic classical album, Marc Romboy joins the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra to reconstruct Debussy in an hour-long session

Respected DJ, composer and producer Marc Romboy recently joined the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra for a special evening of reconstructing Debussy in a contemporary way. Boiler Room now exclusively present the session on their online channels ahead of the release of Marc’s debut electronic classical album ‘Voyage de la planète’.

After studying countless composers, the German-based artist decided to accept the challenge to edit and remix several works of his favourite French composer Claude Debussy. As a result, the concert explores the limits to which you take electronic music, pushing the boundaries of traditional, harmonic sounding composition.

Adding electrifying synths, subtle kick-drums and rippling percussions to the beautiful ensembles of Debussy – Marc combines the strange, fascinating sounds of electronic music with the sublime beauty of classic music to create an extraordinary sonic experience for the listener.

This session gives the viewer a glimpse into what’s coming next for Marc, with the release of his debut electronic classical album ‘Voyage de la planète’ in March via his newly launched Hyperharmonic label. His first solo full-length production in over 8 years, ‘Voyage de la planète’ signifies an exciting new chapter as he pushes his sound to create both an emotional and atmospheric experience.