Untitled 909 Podcast 162: Bake – Field Maneuvers Takeover

For the third mix in the Field Maneuvers takeover we’re very, very happy to welcome Glasgow-based DJ Bake. One of our favourite DJs (even more so once you read the concept behind the mix 🥲), I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him play twice over the last year – at Corsica Studios for the Fever AM x Small Talk party and Fitzroy in Berlin. The Berlin set, as part of the Redstone Press label showcase, is one of my favourite memories from this year – it was wild, giving me the new lease of life I needed at that moment as it took place towards the finishing line of the May day bank holiday weekender with some of my closest friends – it’s a dancefloor memory that hasn’t left my mind since.

Co-founder of the now defunct ALL CAPS label which housed releases from Kowton, Helix, Bluntman Deejay, Flørist, Neuroshima and more, Bake also hosts a long-standing show on Rinse FM called C to the Power of X with guest including Doo, Akanbi, DJ Voices, Ben UFO, Neinzer, EMA, Jio and more. Earlier this year, Bake launched a new residency at Sub Club called Spirit. In the event description for the first Spirit event, Bake goes into the concept for series, saying “I’ve grown up around many forms of Spiritualism. Regardless of how they’ve made me feel, it has always been quite clear that Sharing is at the heart of it all, whether it’s food, ideas, stories or music; something in between it all makes you feel more significant than yourself. In that spirit, I’ll be inviting a guest to share the evening with. DJing as a process is an interesting, important and vulnerable one to me. After a decade of doing this, I’ve learned a lot about it, myself and how I relate to others. I’ve looked to this world, perhaps too heavily, as a means to give me a sense of purpose, belonging and community – I mean, it literally changed my life as a young teenager going to the art school and listening to the early developments of Dubstep on a massive sound system. Since then, I’ve gone through many phases of growing up and come to understand just how scary it is to be visible as a human and how much I need DJing as a practice to help me face that fear and stand up straighter in myself – in some sense, it’s all I’ve got” which I feel tells you all you need to know about Bake’s approach to music, DJing and beyond.

For the mix, Bake says, “Made with Chanel in mind, this mix is a homage to a moment we shared on a Berlin dancefloor earlier this year. I’m playing with my friend Omar for FM this year, a collaboration born out of a session we had at my Glasgow residency a few months back. I wanted to feature one of Omar’s tracks, as well as tunes from our circle of friends and family. The idea was to give a taste of what an hour of our set could potentially sound like – NRG! Bangers! The mix also opens and closes with the same song to round things off. Hope you enjoy!” [my reaction 🥺😭🥲🥺😭🥲🥺😭🥲]

Celebrating their 10th(!) anniversary this year, Field Maneuvers returns with their biggest line-up yet at the intimate secret Norfolk location. With a strong mixture of local legends and international talent on the bill, inviting the likes of Black Artist Database, Dialled In, Rye Wax, Kindred, Dalston Superstore and more to do stage takeovers, it’s set to be a scorcher!

You can catch Bake at Field Maneuvers this summer with the festival taking place from the 18th – 20th August – buy tickets here.

Iueke – Garbage Music
INVT x Logan_olm – Ignite Dem
Siu Mata x Amor Satyr – Jiggy Bow
Bitter Babe – Nadie lo puede parar
DJ Babatr & DJ Yoiser – Fuma Con Los Panas (Florentino Remix)
Baaba Maal – Boboyillo (Batu Remix)
Surusinghe – Bad Girls
Sangre Voss – Konon
Axefield – Root Down Rhythm
Ray Kajioka – From All Corners
Teqmun – Nettle Dweller (Pariah Remix)
Dylan Fogarty – Thaxtead
Silva Bumpa – Test
Maquis Son Sistem – Tribe Message
Iueke – Garbage Music