Untitled 909 Podcast 126: Ell Murphy

Channelling the collective rave energy from a recent festival experience we welcome London-based artist Ell Murphy to the series.
Founder of the ever-growing label Jucey Tunes where she recently released a collaborative EP with Mani Festo, Ell Murphy is an exciting emerging voice within the South East London scene. Bringing a hybrid element to her sets with live vocal performances, Ell has played notable sets for FOLD, Hör Berlin, fabric and more. Her debut EP was released on Shall Not Fade’s sub-label Time Is Now, featuring collaborations with DJ Crisps, Stones Taro and Highrise, and Ell also co-wrote and featured on TSHA’s Flowers EP on Ninja Tune.

Speaking about the mix, Ell says, “I recorded this mix on the monday after being at Westival for the weekend, so I was still buzzing from the amazing energy of being surrounded and inspired by such a lovely crew playing amazing tunes for 48 hours straight. So in this mix I wanted to capture that lingering feeling after a festival of that crew-love and dancing all night long, combined with the comedown and wishing you were still there dancing in that field with not a care in the world. I also wanted to create a nostalgic feeling with this mix as I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the dance music that I listened to growing up in the mid 90s, which has inspired me so much to this day, in the music that I make and play – so it features a lot of 90s house vibes and rave pianos galore.”
Anunaku – Forgotten Tales
ZZZ – UZKZOWZ (DJ Haus Body Heat Mix)
S3A – 92 Anthem (My Answer To Strahil)
Sally C – OG Chunker
Livin’ Joy – Don’t Stop Movin
Amy Dabbs – Ghosts
Al Wootton – Body Healthy
Special Request – Make It Real (Gerd Janson & Shan Mars Mix)
Paul & Shark – Yes 2 Bucket Hats (Original Mix)
Gallegos – Sycophantic Maniac
Xpansions – Move Your Body (Elevation) – Krystal Kear remix)
Piano Banana – Krystal Klear
portara – Tru Luv
Eli Brown, Solardo – XTC
Elio Riso, Vikthor – Soul & Trip (Elio Riso and Hernan Paredes Remix)
Kevin Aviance – Din Daa Daa (MJ Cole mix)
Baltra – I want you (I need you)
Peverelist – Slice of Life
Pangea – You know what’s up
DJ Central – TGTBT
OSSX x DJ Swisha – LUVLI DAE 🙂
Will Silver ft Ell Murphy – Oriole
SUCHI – Lykke
JP Sunshine – I want you to stay