Untitled 909 Podcast 119: DR MYSTERY

It’s all about that N R G and losing yourself to dance in a sweaty club on a summer night. Cruising between techno, percussive rhythms of leftfield bass and some added experimental for the good measure. Club aerobics for your body and mind.” 

Based in Manchester, DR MYSTERY is a resident at NTS and the UK’s best club The White Hotel. Honing her skills in one of the best settings, DR MYSTERY has mastered the art of a cathartic DJ set, allowing her audience to experience that deep emotional release through her genre-bending style of off-kilter club tracks. DR MYSTERY has also previously hosted a residency at Amsterdam’s is Dark Elements as well as contributed mixes for esteemed series such as Daisychain, TSUGI and Newtype Rhythms. 

Last month, DR MYSTERY released her debut album, ‘Far From Home’, giving us a deeper glimpse into her world. A world that is described as ‘exploring sounds that excite the mind and body’. Buy here.



Andy Stott – Away not gone

K-Hand – Numbers

Skee Mask – Type Beat 6

Nouveau Monica – Be Mean

Rove Ranger – Millenial Millenium

Narciss – Lovechild (Outrun Mix)

Ferdinger – Bliss Factory

Zenker Brothers – Enjoy Reality

AK SPORTS – Twin Flame

Electronome – Een Drumcomputer and Een Synthesizer

Pump Media Unlimited – RU Shy

DJ JM – Owned

De Schuurman –  Nu Ga Je Dansen

Lila Tirando a Violeta & Nicola Cruz – Cuerpo que Flota

Hodge, Simo Cell – Drums from the West

Shygirl – BB

Sister Zo – Earth Mover

unknown artist 004 – a1 [uu004]

Closet Yi – Heavy

Diessa – The Belfry (Grove Remix)

object blue – (time to) WORK

Machine Woman – I Always Want To Be Beautiful