Untitled 909 Podcast 099: Howe

Catching our eye with his 2021 guest mix for object blue on Rinse FM – tune in for bold twists and turns from London based experimental sound and visual artist HOWE, blending Kate Bush edits, Drill and Afrobeats with ambient excursions and explorative sounds. A deep dive into his sonic smorgasbord, Blackhaine, Popcaan, M1llionz, Ryuchi Sakamoto, Moby meet previously unheard tracks forthcoming on HOWE’s own imprint, Higglers.

‘Rain’ by Howe is out now via Higglers Records – buy here.


Kate Bush – And Dream of sheep

Jeph Vanger – Requiem for Clouds

Blackhaine – Throat

Gaika & HOWE – Eternal Tears (forthcoming SVBKVLT)

Nammy Wams – Razorlight Type Beat

Sudanim – Pleasure Flood

M1llionz – Mobbin

Trillion Maze – In My Way

The Others – Freak Show

Terror Danja – Cock Back

Umru, Bloodz Boi, william crooks – Iced Lemon Tea

Ryuchi Sakamoto – JD026 vs voicenote

Vex’d – Corridor vs Voiceote

loveliescrushing – webbed vs voicenote

Moby – Novia String quartet version

VilloVilduVeta – Nästan

Skillibeng – Brik Pan Brik

Dinamarca – Mobile Boy

Lauren Duffus – Stir Fry

Skillibeng – Coke

CYPHR & Kid Antone – Misceo

Popcaan – Everything Nice

HOWE – Crystal Dagger (forthcoming Higglers)

HOWE – Ghost Radio

HOWE – Fluoxetine Dreams


Alessandro Cortini – SABBIA

Wendy Carlos – The Rocky Mountain (The Shining OST)

HOWE – ??? (forthcoming Higglers)

HOWE – ??? (forthcoming Higglers)