Premiere: DJ SOSA RD – key-tee-poe

With a recent appearance on TraTraTrax’s excellent ‘no pare, sigue sigue’ compilation, DJ SOSA RD returns with a new EP, ‘Island Boy With Internet’. The self-released three-tracker varies in speed and style, aiming to channel the rage in a playful and exciting way. On the track ‘key-tee-poe’, DJ SOSA RD experiments with a push-and-pull style that entices you in with an old school jungle rhythm before dialling down the tempo as a haunting melody comes into view.

Speaking about the release, DJ SOSA RD says, “breakcore and Jungle seemed like obvious choices for the next sounds I wanted to play with. Intense, physical, playful, built on sampling, clad with bass, and stemming from a long tradition of counter-culture. These sounds melded perfectly with dembow’s aesthetic and spirit, which is present in the samples used in the EP.”

‘Island Boy With Internet’ by DJ SOSA RD will be released on the 27th April – pre-order here.