Marc Romboy – Monde futuriste EP

Marc Romboy is releasing a two-track EP, ‘Monde futuriste’ on the 17th February. The EP is part of his debut neo-classical album ‘Voyage de la Planète’, released on his newly launched label Hyperharmonic.

Giving the listener the first insight into Marc’s new chapter of work, ‘Monde futuriste’ blends evocative strings and flittering synths for an uplifting and atmospheric listen. In contrast ‘Voyage de la planète’ is filled with energy – built upon prestissimo violins and pulsating rhythms.

Alongside this, Marc has released an 8-minute video with Miki’s Takeover! Ensemble to unveil how ‘Voyage de la planète’ is put together. A combination of violins, cellos, pianos, synthesizers and electronic keyboards come together for a truly cinematic experience. You can watch the video here.

Marking his first full-length solo production in 8 years, ‘Voyage de la plantète’ signifies the start of a new chapter for Marc Romboy as he explores the relationship between electronic and classical music.

Stream here: