Influences: TML

Recently announcing his next EP ‘Machine Bias’ on Hotflush Recordings, Minneapolis-based producer TML uses the release to draw the line between midwestern raves and UK soundsystems by combining vintage electro, acid house and broken drum programming. In the debut edition of influences, TML breaks down the tracks that impacted ‘Machine Bias’ and gives an insight into the contrasting scenes he hopes to bring together.

“Machine Bias was influenced by where my DJ sets have been going lately. I normally play a wide range of genres, so I gravitate towards tracks that float in between styles. Here are some tracks that I have been into recently, and may have seeped into the EP, subconsciously or otherwise.”

Ike Yard – Loss – Regis Version

This wound up, dreadful remix is masterful. The overlapping patterns remain unpredictable even after multiple listens.

More Fire Crew – Oi (Instrumental) 

This instrumental has set me off searching for as much stripped back grime and garage as I can find. It sits alongside techno and electro fairly easily in a DJ set. 

Leslie Winer – Flove

This is taken from a 1993 record called Witch which I recommend seeking out. The way the drum breaks cut through this particular track without taking away from the other elements really caught my attention.

Josh Wink – Meditation Will Manifest 

A rave classic on R&S. The beatless breakdown sections give this a levitating acid feel. (I have yet to play it for its full fifteen minutes.)

Beneath – Soho

Beneath weaves acid through his sub-heavy, dark-basement sound on this one.

RAC – Quexos 

A 1994 Warp record which I play pitched down. I was first turned on to RAC by Anastasia Kristensen, an inspirational DJ who has kindly been road-testing some of my tracks this past year. This has a floating feel somewhere between electro, IDM, and techno, and fits very naturally into my DJ sets.

2 House People – Trax My Body

My tracks will always be indebted to the instrumental economics of Chicago house. This one is all about the claps, and I am very into claps.

M//R – Just Say No 

M//R is a Philly-based producer whom I admire. Our projects have a lot in common musically, and I’m lucky to have struck up a friendship with him the last few years. This track is truly idiosyncratic, and in my mind is an all time demented club classic. 

Circuit Breaker – Skool

Richie Hawtin doing stripped back, severely swung drum tracks with an acid undertone.

Jackmaster – Bang The Box 

Another Hawtin alias. Does what it says on the tin.

‘Machine Bias’ by TML is out on the 16th February via Hotflush Recordings