Eye For Design: mad miran

For our Eye For Design series, we ask DJs and artists to select some of their favourite album covers. Our second edition is with local DJ mad miran who is one of the most exciting acts breaking through at the moment. Working at Clone’s record store and holding residencies at De School and Strange Sounds From Beyond, mad miran embodies the rave spirit and her cassette mix for Italian label art-aud is a testament that – a 90-minute showcase of old school madness. Her early introduction to music was eclectic with her mother being an Afghani raised in Russia and her dad from Morocco, she was always being introduced to a wide variety of sounds, with all these different elements seeping into her DJ sets and mixes. No longer one of Amsterdam’s hidden gems, Miran’s tour dates for the rest of the year sees her play across Europe including dates at Waking Life, Dekmantel Selectors. Horst Art & Design Festival and Krake Festival in Berlin this weekend.


Aleksi Perälä ‎– Project V

Beautiful purple colours, if I see this record in a shop I would instantly grab it , just this sense of a mysterious vibe on it – it’s Aleksi, wouldn’t expect any different (and with this said, this record is unbelievably good “insert Aleksi quote again” haha) 


Tosca ‎– Suzuki

This artwork just gets me, can’t explain it very well.Ii just like it and would love to hang it on my wall. I guess sometimes in art there is not always a need to know why, right? I just love to look at the heads not being there. Old release of a very nice and still active label!


Opus III ‎– I Talk To The Wind 

Reminds me a lot of the ’73 movie fantastic planet (la planète sauvage). Another one I’d actually like to hang up my wall. Loving the colours, warm colours and warm vibe but interrupted by intense blue balloons, makes sense with the name of this record.


Vibert / Simmonds ‎– Rodulate 

I love this album and the contradictory in the artwork. The colours and the drops against the full green colours on the side. I like striking colours. This is a beautiful peace! Very proud to own this one.


Mira Calix ‎– Utopia

You just want to look at this. I like skin! Actually I found out Mira Calix released a new EP (took some time but yeaahhh!) via this mysterious Instagram account called @hazard66, posting some crazy releases including the artworks, with no reference at all


Catch mad miran play at Krake Festival this weekend – more information here.