Avalon Emerson – Whities 013


Making her valiant return to the London-based imprint Whities, Avalon Emerson’s latest work ‘Whities 013’ is every bit psychedelic as you would imagine.  There’s no surprise that artists such as Ricardo Villalobos and Ben UFO are cited as fans of her work with her distinctive synth-driven sounds and quirky melodies which send you on a 4am trip. Starting with ‘One More Fluorescent Rush’, the track highlights Avalon’s capability of providing big room sounds, building into a crescendo of twinkling synths that leaves your body covered in goosebumps. Having heard the track in a club a month ago, it’s clear that Avalon has left enough breaks in the record to layer with the uncompromising rhythms she is known for bringing into her sets – leaving you bewildered as to how she’s accomplishing such wizardry behind the decks.

The B-side on the record, ‘Finally Some Common Ground’ is a sure favourite with artists like Bruce and Pearson Sound already playing it in their sets. With its tribal tone and haunting, high-pitched drop referencing to the innovative IDM style of the 90s, the track shows Avalon’s adventurous side. Rightfully owning the title as the most exciting DJ and producer in the game right now, ‘Whities 013’ continues to cement why.

Buy ‘Whtities 013’ from Bandcamp here