Untitled 909 Podcast 060: Black Cadmium

Following up from their release on naive, which we premiered ‘Everything’ from a few weeks ago, Rotterdam duo Black Cadmium return to 909 with an excellent mix showcasing their all killer, no filler approach to DJing. Over the course of 67 mins, Joginda Macnack and Mike Richards bring their soulful energy and charge full speed ahead with tracks from the likes of DMX Drew, East Man, Bambounou, Sharda, and Alex Jann.

‘Chemistry’ by Black Cadmium is out now via naive – buy here.

Brieuc – Port Schlag
Sondáil – Fairlight
Black Cadmium – Break Up
Silvestre – Sem Crew
Cressida – ???
Amandra x Mattheis – Jungledam (Extended Version)
Russell Ellington Langston Butlet – I haven’t been ok for a long time
East Man – Future Tok
Bambounou – Tftt
Anunaku – Stargate
Kreggo – g00n
The House Jacker – House Jacker
Sharda – Dreamer
The House Jacker – Dookie Booty
Alex Jann – Cybernetik Memory
Black Girl/White Girl – Nightfall On Saturn
Black Cadmium – Everything
Black Girl/White Girl – Fool’s Paradise (Hiroko Yamamura Remix)
Blue Hour – Devotion (Rave Mix)
Black Cadmium – Joblot

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