Untitled 909 Podcast 022: Riccardo Villella’s Grid Cycle Mix

Riccardo Villella is one of the legends behind the sick Truants site and also a DJ, producer and graphic designer – someone we’ve been hoping to get on our podcast series for quite some time. Having contributed mixes to the likes of Rinse FM, Upperberry, Hypnotic Groove, and Lowlife Cartel, we’re well versed on his dynamic sound and conceptual approach. For podcast number 22, it’s no different. Riccardo has contributed a stand-out mix which sees him explore a new sound which is more relentless than listeners may have previously known him for.

Referring to the ‘Grid Cycle’ concept behind the mix Riccardo says, “I wanted this to reflect a mix I did a couple of years back where it’s pretty get-go from the start and builds on that high intensity throughout. I’ve been toing and froing about creating a new alias called Grid Cycle for these types of mixes as they’re usually quite a far cry to the more four-to-the-floor house and techno mixes I have on my Soundcloud where I build from quite slow. I’m hoping this gives me a chance to play quite club orientated electro, IDM, jungle, dubstep, hardcore, and higher tempo music in general and for people to maybe associate that on any future mixes I do in this style. I fell deep into a Bandcamp wormhole with this so shout out to tracks by Local Group, KOSMODOD, Train To Eltanin, Acid Lab, Wisp, Clarity, and Varum. Also, that closer from Bot1500 is one of my fave tracks at that moment too – highly recommended!”

You can follow Riccardo on Soundcloud here.



Anthony Rother – God Of The Gods

Asusu – Velez (A Made Up Sound Remix 2)

Ploy – Ramos

RXmode – Decryptor

Alessandro Adriani – Fuoco (Silent Servant Remix)

Endless Mow – Possession Chamber

Random XS – Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix)

Krampf – LSD XTC (DJ Gigola & Kev Koko Paranoia Mix)

DJ Overdose – Os VCH

Detroit’s Filthiest – We Speak Your Language

Train To Eltanin – Rasada

Varum – Das 8. Bruch


Squaric – For Varden Pikre (Martyn Hare Remix)

Overland – Colossal Book Of Mathematics

Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code – The Repo Man

Scratch-D vs OZ – Plastic Men

Arctor – Soulless

Andrea – Future Atmo

Local Group – Laser Dome

Textasy – Blow Your Head

Amit – Acid Trip

Addison Groove – This Is It

Julien Andreas – I Close My Eyes and Watch It All Burn (Entro Senestre Remix)

Homemade Weapons – Overcast

Wisp – Catacomb Sound

Special Request – Vortex 150

Clarity – Fog Ruffhouse – The Foot (Loxy & Resound Remix)

Acid Lab – Future Past

DJ Force & The Evolution – Lost It

Squarepusher – North Circular

Bot1500 – P8.1

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