Untitled 909 Podcast 130: Despina

NYC’s Despina brings their signature metallic palette to the 909 mix series. Someone we’ve had our eye on for a while now through their releases on Kindergarten and All Centre, Despina is quickly becoming known for their thrilling take on club music. I think RA described their All Centre release as ‘unhinged’ and it feels like an appropriate word to describe this session. It’s robotic, sometimes spiralling out of control before commanding back into action with high energy rollers and percussive-driven rhythms. It has left me very very eager to see them play in a club setting. This itch needs to be scratched asap!

‘Gravity Games’ by Despina is out now on Kindergarten Records – buy here. 


Dennett – Kalli

Triple Pendulum – Air Max ’97

Console – Pluralist

Backstab – Troy Gunner

Murmurs – Krithi

Temporary Transit – Teleself

Spati Creatures – Squidbrain

Bilka – Blawan

Skin Psychic – Despina

Bayon – Yilan

Triangulation – Farsight

Spit – Gag Reflex

Sumatra – Glimmerman

Tranki – Bitter Babe & Nick Leon

Hi Tek Music – East Man

Afloat – Ido Plumes

Ad Punks – Strange Contents 

EN LA FIESTA – badsista

Overtone – Teo Drean

Thermal – Atrice

Selfcare dot gove – Despina

Hypnobody – Ekzander